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Tuk-an means being choked; strangulate; something to cause clog in the neck Sample Da! tuk-an lage, daslog man (Da! He’s choke, he’s greedy)


Kulot refers to a curly hair Sample: Tana, mapakulot ta sa ilang inday Badiday beauty parlor (Let’s get our hair curled at inday Badiday’s beauty parlor)


Tagaktak from the word “tagak” which means to fall. Tagaktak in essence means lost. Sample: Tagaktak nasab ning usa ka libo ron. (Will easily lost a thousand bucks this timeRead More


Bitok means work, commonly found in children. Sample: Bitokon maning bataa (This child has a worm)


Kulisaw from root word “kisaw” which means annoying, noisy. Sample: Pagka kulisaw bataa (This child is annoying (but fun))