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bisdak funwords eyes big mouth

Tingbits combined and shortened word “ting” and “bitay” which means time and hang. Refers to days before the salary, where few money left in the pocket Sample Nah! Tingbits napudRead More


bisdak funwords eyes big mouth

Taler (slang) for female organ, refers to vagina. Sample Misakit kuno iyang taler (Her down there itches)  


fun words bisdak words

Kalkal means scratching any surface. Like that act of a dog scratching a soil (kuykoy) or any surface (kalkal) trying to find something. Sample Unsa kahay gi kalkal sa iroRead More


fun words bisdak words

Kigwa means a pin worm. There is an expression, kigwa or gikigwa, it means, not at ease, like someone would goto the disco or would do something crazy. Sample GikigwaRead More


fun words bisdak words

Kolokoy means a funny person. Sample: Ang pambansang kolokoy (The national funny guy) Note: This is not only a Tagalog Word


fun words bisdak words

Pislango means someone has runny nose. Sample: Ga pislango ko oi, nauwanan man gud ko kagahapon ( I have runny nose, I was soak under the rain yesterday)  


Binatilyo (slang) for binata (tagalog) which means male adolescent. Sample: Oi si dodong, nagbibinatilyo (Oi! Dodong is becoming adolescent now) Related: Nagdalaga    


bisdak funwords simple smile

Baratilyo (slang) for Barato, which in means cheap. Sample Adto ta sa 138 mall kay puro baratilyo ilang mga baligya (Let’s go to 138 mall as their items are veryRead More