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bisdak funwords smirk

Shorten for Bisaya word “Sumbagon”, which means to punch. Sample: Sumbagon taka ron! (I’m going to punch you right now!) See also: Bagon


A person that would not or seldom takes a bath is called in bisaya, kandingon. Sample: Kandingon! Kandingon! haha! (No bath, bad odor! haha)


common bisaya words

Karambola simply translates to rumble. Sample:Daghan naangin sa karambola atol sa eleksyon. (Many has been affected due to rumble happened during the election)


Kulating bisaya slang for kulata, means beat, to maul. Sample:Dah, hambugero man, kulating lagi (Dah! Braggart! He’s beaten)


bisdak funwords simple smile

Klareks bisaya slang for “klaro” which means clear. Sample: Ka klareks ana! (That’s very clear!)


bisdak funwords smirk

a cebuano slang word that means suspecting rivalry in love or jealous. Long word: Nangabubho


bisdak funwords simple smile

Ningtiil is a cebuano slang word that means to work hard.

Patay ug halas

Patay ug halas is a cebuano slang word that means to urinate.