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common bisaya words

Karambola simply translates to rumble. Sample:Daghan naangin sa karambola atol sa eleksyon. (Many has been affected due to rumble happened during the election)


Kulating bisaya slang for kulata, means beat, to maul. Sample:Dah, hambugero man, kulating lagi (Dah! Braggart! He’s beaten)


bisdak funwords simple smile

Klareks bisaya slang for “klaro” which means clear. Sample: Ka klareks ana! (That’s very clear!)


bisdak funwords smirk

a cebuano slang word that means suspecting rivalry in love or jealous. Long word: Nangabubho


bisdak funwords simple smile

Ningtiil is a cebuano slang word that means to work hard.

Patay ug halas

Patay ug halas is a cebuano slang word that means to urinate.


bisdak funwords sunglasses

A cebuano slang word that means to tell somebody to wait up.


bisdak funwords eyes big mouth

Tingbits combined and shortened word “ting” and “bitay” which means time and hang. Refers to days before the salary, where few money left in the pocket Sample: Nah! Tingbits napudRead More