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Sim Sim (the Song)

Anyone can still remember how this song be sang? With beats of hands.. with hands of friends? Golden’ old times of the children in the 80’s. 🙂 One plus oneRead More

Bisaya Terms related to Cockfighting

Cockfighting is one of the oldest form of gambling here in the Philippines. While there are permitted cockfighting sessions like in the arena or some places but most are illegalRead More

What’s the difference between Kapihan and Kapehan

We’ll in Philippines, it means similar terms. Kapihan or Kapehan denotes same meaning which refers to a coffee shop or place. It is from the word “kapi” or “kape” whichRead More

Gay Lingua Bisaya Terms

Language evolve itself due to common understanding between two or more person. Commonly we heard in bars and anywhere else a weird language we have not heard before. Yes, theRead More

Common Cebuano Mean Phrases

Below conversations are common mean words / phrases but fun at the same time. Unconsciously, Bisaya folks used this in a daily basis while interacting with somebody and in aRead More