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Translation of Animal names to Cebuano terms

Below is the list of common animals (in English) and their equivalent local names (in Cebuano).   On land (naa sa mama o yuta) Dog – Iro Cat – IringRead More

The Beauty of Cebuano Spelling and Grammar

Rather than trying to write what is the correct Cebuano grammar or rules to be followed when writing something in Cebuano, I’m  instead trying to break it down to simplest acceptable form. InRead More

How to tell a time in Bisaya

Time in bisaya is “Oras” Telling time in Bisaya is similar to counting numbers, like uno, dos, tres, etc. plus the general time of the day, am or pm (andRead More

How to introduce yourself in Bisaya

Simple conversation of how to introduce yourself Hi! My name is Peter.  Ako diay si Pedro. [And you are? Ug ikaw? ] I live in Cebu City. Ako nagpuyo sa Cebu City.Read More

How to say months in bisaya

Months in Bisaya is “Buwan” Below is the english and the bisaya equivalent for Months English Bisaya January Enero February Pebrero March Marso April Abril May Mayo June Hunyo JulyRead More