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How to introduce yourself in Bisaya


Simple conversation of how to introduce yourself


My name is Peter.  Ako diay si Pedro.

[And you are? Ug ikaw? ]

I live in Cebu City. Ako nagpuyo sa Cebu City.

My father’s name is John. Pangalan sa akong papa kay Juan.

My mother’s name is Mary. Pangalan sa akong mama kay Maria.

I studied in University of San Jose Recoletos. Na eskwela ko sa University of San Jose Recoletos.

I am currently working in TESDA. Nagtrabaho ko karon sa TESDA.

I am a software engineer. Akong trabaho kay mo program ug computer software.

My contact number is 0928-1234567. Pwede ko nimo ma kontact sa 0928-1234567.

[What about yours? Unsa ang imoha numero?]

Can I call you? Pwede ko mo-tawag nimo?

Talk to you later. Storyahay ta balik unya

Bye! Babay!

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