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How to tell a time in Bisaya

How to tell a time in Bisaya

Time in bisaya is “Oras”

Telling time in Bisaya is similar to counting numbers, like uno, dos, tres, etc. plus the general time of the day, am or pm (and evening), in bisaya it is “buntag”, “hapon” and “gabii”. So when someone ask, what time is it? (It’s 1:00 pm) You say in bisaya ala una sa hapon. A little variation though between morning and early dawn, you say (for 1:00 am) you would not say ala una sa buntag but you say ala una sa kadlawon but both is acceptable.

English Bisaya
What time is it? Unsa orasa na? or Unsa nay oras?
It’s 12 midnight Alas dose sa tungang gabii
It’s 12 noon Alas dose sa udto
It’s 1:00 pm Ala una na sa hapon
It’s 1:00 am Ala una sa kadlawon or ala una sayo sa buntag
It’s 2:00 pm Alas dos sa hapon (or just alas dos)
It’s 2:00 am Alas dos sa buntag (or just alas dos)
It’s 3:00 pm Alas tres
It’s 4:00 pm Alas kwatro
It’s 5:00 pm Alas syengko
It’s 5:00 o’clock Untop alas syengko
It’s quarter to 5:00 pm Minus kinse para alas syenko
It’s 15 minutes past 5:00 pm Kinse minutos pasado alas syengko
It’s 5:30 pm Alas syengko y medya (medya means half)
It’s 5:45 pm Alas syengko cuarenta y syengko


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