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Bisaya Terms related to Cockfighting

bisaya terms cockfighting

Cockfighting is one of the oldest form of gambling here in the Philippines. While there are permitted cockfighting sessions like in the arena or some places but most are illegal specially if done without a permit. In the Philippines sabong can be found anywhere from big time derbies or small town bets. In the Philippines, cocks are highly maintained, more vitamins, more good foods and other pre-training methods in order for the cock to win.

If you are betting in Philippines, specially in Bisaya regions, here are the common words you here and what they means.

Manok – refers to the chicken/fighter cock

Buwangan –  a place where cockfight is held, an arena, a cockpit.

Buwang – very sharp blade put at the feet of the cock

Pusta – your bet

Masyada – high bet

Sultada – rounds eg. first round, second round, etc

Inilog – Leading

Biya – Losing (might able to gain back)

Bihag – loser/dead cock

Sa pula, sa puti – shouting/cheering the color of the cock they bet on

During the covid pandemic time where gatherings are prohibited, cock owners and gamblers still attempt to do “Sabong” and they’re jailed. E-Sabong concept were born during this time. PAGCOR’s ESabong can be found here. PAGCOR by the way is Philippines official regulatory board for gaming and amusements.