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Foreign Terminologies used in Law or Legal News

foreign latin terms

Let’s talk about familiar words but not sure if we understand it. We commonly hear it in the news, court proceedings, Laws and Articles, etc. Let’s put it here in one place so we could easily reference it out.

1. Magna Carta – Magna Carta is a cornerstone of the individual liberties that we enjoy, and it presents an ongoing challenge to arbitrary rule. Check this Magna Carta in the Philippines from Office Gazette. (In short, mga katungod)

2. Force Majeure – fortuitous event, beyond control like floods or typhoons. (Mga kakulian nga dili mapugngan)

3. Carpe Diem – a word originating from the Latin language meaning “seize the day”! Was a phrase used by the Roman poet Horace to express the idea that one should enjoy life while one can. (I enjoy lang ang kinabuhi samtang buhi pa)

4. Lorem Ipsum – the filler or placeholder text that typically demonstrates the font and style of a text in a document or visual demonstration – (temporary nga texts nga gibutang para maporma or ma visualize ang layout sa drawing or sa presentation)


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