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Gay Lingua Bisaya Terms

Language evolve itself due to common understanding between two or more person. Commonly we heard in bars and anywhere else a weird language we have not heard before. Yes, the gay (lesbian) lingo. Wikepedia as termed it “Swardspeak” is an argot or cant slang derived from Taglish (Tagalog-English code-switching) and used by a number of LGBT community.

These are none-the-less reverse of certain language but amazingly they are able to speak it fast and fluently and fun to hear as the other side answers fluently as well. It’s for you to decipher what it means.

Here are the common once.

Okad uyaak  – it’s really big

Syudi abas – don’t tell

Nawarla  – turned crazy

Aketch  – refers to I or one’s self

Anetch – which means asking “what”?

Charot or Cheret – just kidding

Chika – gossip

Bes or Beshy – endearment word for Best Friend

Awra–  to attract attention.




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