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What’s the difference between Kapihan and Kapehan

kapihan or kapehan

We’ll in Philippines, it means similar terms. Kapihan or Kapehan denotes same meaning which refers to a coffee shop or place. It is from the word “kapi” or “kape” which means coffee. It is generally accepted terms both the national language, Filipino, in Bisaya and even some other ethnic languages. These terms are widely common and overused terms. You will see or hear both terms interchangeably all the time.

Overused terms

Both above terms are overused. If you check on Google or Facebook for “Kapihan” or “Kapehan” you will see tons of pages with names like “Kapehan sa..” Kapehan sa Buntag”, “Kapehan sa Pangpang”, Kapehan Inato” or “Kapihan ni Teban”, “Kapihan sa Baybay” and so much more fun names and pages.

And why is that?

Well.. the beauty of a language. Bisaya is no exception. See also our article post “The beauty of Cebuano Language”.

Good vibes

Kapehan associates with good vibes, relax, enjoy your time as it passes by. Being said, take a look on this nice kapehan site for good coffee quotes, inspiring short stories, fun facts and more.


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